Pivoting Towards a Brighter Future
via the Wisdom of Many

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Canada Needs a Change… a Pivot for the Better

The Pivot Project at Pivoter.org is a new, unique, open crowdsourcing platform, whose mission is to stimulate the sharing of ideas to improve Canada’s charitable sector. GIV3 is inviting ALL Canadians to share their policy suggestions, evaluate and rate others’ ideas, raise awareness and build engagement, in order to help drive policy makers towards building a stronger, more civil charitable sector.

For decades, we have continued to face many of the same, lingering, fundamental social problems.

  • There is a growing “Charity Gap” in Canada between the increasing demands for charitable services vs the ability for struggling charities to meet the demand. Imagine Canada projects that this social deficit will expand over the next 10 years unless we fundamentally change our current approaches.
  • Most community problems are the same as 70 years ago. We cannot feel proud of the continuing racism, gender inequality, income inequity, homelessness, deterioration of the environment, etc.
  • Non-Profit legislation and policies have barely improved since their creation well over 50+ years ago. We need to evolve these policies to better empower solutions for our social problems.

“To improve is to change; To be perfect is to change often.”

Winston Churchill

Our current laissez-faire approach has not served us well.
If we HOPE to improve, we need to ACT differently.
We need NEW IDEAS, and to hear from NEW VOICES.

The power of many can influence policymakers in Ottawa.
This is the idea behind the Pivoter crowdsourcing platform.
Please join and contribute your voice and ideas to the discourse.

Join our crowdsourcing initiative and make a difference!

As a thank you, GIV3 will make a $5000 donation to the preferred Canadian charity of a randomly selected active participant on Pivoter.crowdity.com. Random Draw: February 28, 2022!

**At the end of the Challenge period, GIV3 will randomly select one (1) active registered user who has made meaningful contributions to the Pivoter platform (ideas submitted, comments posted, rating and voting activity etc.). Random draw by the GIV3 Pivoter team from all eligible participants. The winner will be notified by email.

How does this work?

There are a number of different ways that you can get involved to help foster change.

  • IDEATE: Contribute your ideas.

  • ITERATE: Help develop shared ideas. Post comments, add enhancements and make suggestions to improve the great ideas of others.

  • EVALUATE: Rate & share your opinions about shared ideas.

  • CONTINUATE: Follow the big ideas that most interest you.

  • DISSEMINATE: Share your favourite ideas with friends and family. Invite others to join. Many different voices help to democratize our 'pivot' and more fully reflect our diversity.

About Pivoter

Pivoter.org is the flagship platform of The Pivot Project, an initiative founded and supported largely by GIV3, in partnership with Medallia / Crowdicity and with communication support from CanadaHelps.

This is a small “coalition of the caring” interested in drawing greater attention towards, and fuelling the narrative for improvements in the charitable sector. We believe that ALL Canadians should have a say in how their taxes are spent, and how government policies are enacted to better empower charities, foundations, non-profits, businesses and individuals to accomplish better.


  • Ensure our policymakers have the ideal policy recommendations, sourced from an open, inclusive, diverse, transparent, and non-partisan process.
  • Empower social innovation, social capital, social impact and the greater civil society.
  • Engage struggling Canadian charities, the millions of Canadians they support, and the millions of taxpayers who want to see their tax dollars put to better use in order to find solutions that work for everyone.


The Pivot Project seeks to provide a unique open crowdsourcing platform that will help to develop, evaluate and disseminate ideas to fuel and empower the pivot.

This is NOT an initiative to own or control the evolution of the charitable sector. There will be many different independent organic initiatives from all sorts of people and places, leveraging their own strengths.

We wish to amplify the narrative and strengthen the call for the necessary pivot.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Crowdicity and why was it chosen as the platform provider for Pivoter.org?
Crowdicity is an ideation / crowdsourcing platform that offers secure infrastructure and strong privacy protection. Crowdicity has global reach and wide ranging experience supporting many non-profit organizations. Pivoter.org has partnered with Crowdicity to leverage their expertise and make this initiative possible.
Who can submit ideas and/or participate in the discussions on the crowdsourcing platform?
Everyone is welcome to participate! Browse the content of the platform and review the ideas and contributions of others at your leisure. However, in order to contribute opinions, submit ideas, participate in discussions and vote on the ideas of others, you must register.
How do I register to participate?
Registration is free. You register by creating an account, or by signing in with your Twitter, Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn log-in.
Once registered, you need to confirm and verify your email address by clicking on the link sent to your inbox. Check your junk mail folder if you do not receive the confirmation email.
How is my personal information used?
GIV3 will not sell or pass your contact information to any third-party for commercial purposes. Any personal information you provide will be used solely for communication purposes about this initiative. Please refer to the portal's Privacy Policy and Terms of Use for details about how your data is processed within the platform.

Reference Library

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Dept of Finance Committee Report in Charity Tax Incentives (2013)

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Canada’s Senate Report on the Charity Sector (2019)

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Australian Social Sector: Strategic Plan Development 2020/21

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Philanthropy and Digital Civil Society: Blueprint 2021

A report by Lucy Bernholz of Stanford University, USA. This is the twelfth annual industry forecast about the ways we use private resources for public benefit in the digital age. Each year, Lucy uses the Blueprint to provide an overview of the current landscape, point to big ideas that will matter in the coming year, and direct our attention to sources of future promise.

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Public Benefit Non-Profit Sector (2017)

A report from the Ontario Non-Profit Network suggesting that Canadians need to be able to make public policy to support public benefit organizations and need these organizations to thrive.

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Monitor Institute by Deloitte: A look ahead at emerging trends in philanthropy and charitable giving (2020)

Drawing from interviews with more than 200 philanthropy executives, practitioners, donors, board members, experts, and grantees from around the world, What’s Next for Philanthropy in the 2020s explores what emerging social, economic, and political shifts may mean for the future of philanthropy, charitable giving, and social innovation.

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