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For decades, we have continued to face many of the same, lingering, fundamental social problems.

  • There is a growing “Charity Gap” in Canada between the increasing demands for charitable services vs the ability for struggling charities to meet the demand. Imagine Canada projects that this social deficit will expand over the next 10 years unless we fundamentally change our current approaches.
  • Most community problems are the same as 70 years ago. We cannot feel proud of the continuing racism, gender inequality, income inequity, homelessness, deterioration of the environment, etc.
  • Non-Profit legislation and policies have barely improved since their creation well over 50+ years ago. We need to evolve these policies to better empower solutions for our social problems.

“To improve is to change; To be perfect is to change often.”

Winston Churchill

Our current laissez-faire approach has not served us well.
If we HOPE to improve, we need to ACT differently.
We need NEW IDEAS, and to hear from NEW VOICES.

The power of many can influence policymakers in Ottawa.
This is the idea behind the Pivoter crowdsourcing platform.
Please join and contribute your voice and ideas to the discourse.

Make a difference by completing our survey
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About Pivoter

Pivoter is an open, inclusive brainstorming platform leveraging the Wisdom of Crowds to drive positive social change.

Everyone is invited to offer their views on how to create a better future. Your participation helps to empower, socialize and democratize the improvements that you would like to see.

  • We just want your opinions and participation for a stronger charitable sector
  • Participation is free and anonymous
  • Surveys take only a few minutes to complete
  • Pivoter is not selling anything or soliciting donations

Pivoter is an initiative developed by GIV3, in partnership with social enterprise research firm Sector3Insights, to help empower a more effective social / charitable sector. We want to ensure our community leaders have the ideal policy recommendations - sourced from an open, inclusive, diverse and transparent process.

We believe that all communities should have a direct say in how they want their taxes spent, how government policies should be enacted and for the futures they wish to experience.

This is NOT an effort to own or control the evolution of future decisions. There will be many different independent organic initiatives from all sorts of people and communities, leveraging their own strengths. We just wish to help socialize, democratize and amplify the narrative from everyone.

We will work to promote the insights gathered from Pivoter – including our national surveys - by sharing them with policymakers in Ottawa, in the press, and across social media to call for a pivot towards better.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can submit ideas and/or participate in the discussions on the crowdsourcing platform?
Everyone is welcome to participate! Please find the link to the survey, and/or share your recommendations in the open suggestion box.
How is my personal information used?
Your name and contact information is not required. Your contributions are anonymous! Any opinions and survey answers you provide will be aggregated with results from other participants to report overall group insights. If we choose to extract a few verbatim quotes from individual contributors, they will not be attributed to anyone in particular.
What's an 'Idea’ or contribution?
We need ideas and suggestions to empower systemic improvements in legislation to help us get to a more just, inclusive, fair, and civil society. These could be ideas to boost the charitable sector, to help the charitable sector become stronger and more effective, to propose ideas to encourage ‘for profit’ businesses to better engage in solving social problems, to encourage more Canadians to be more generous, and so on. It may be a creative spark, a conviction, or a dream. It may be something you have seen elsewhere which might help in this context. However, ideas should be useful, actionable, and realistic for policymakers to consider implementing.
How many times can I vote?
To ensure an even distribution of voices and to avoid domination from any one source, we ask that contributors complete our survey only one time.
However, we also have the open suggestion box where you are encouraged to share as many ideas, suggestions, and recommendations as you wish at one time, or upon multiple visits over time.
What happens once my ideas and/or ratings have been submitted?
Each submission is grouped with all others and will be reviewed as a large accumulated sample.
Can I edit my ideas or survey once I have submitted it?
No. Once you contribute and send your idea or survey ratings, it is not identifiable to you or any source. It is added to the accumulation of other contributions and cannot be accessed by you.

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